Learn to Code Websites

Posted by Michelle Rogers on 8/10/2020 11:55:00 PM

Robotics Computer coding exercises logic and problem solving skills.  It is a great way to provide extra challenge (and fun!) for gifted students.  These websites allow students to create accounts and learn computer programming, while saving their progress.  Code.org is better for younger students and mostly uses drag-and-drop blocks with their own coding language to learn foundations.  CodeHS is better for older (or more academically advanced) students.  it will require typing actual code, but teaches real-world coding langugages.


  • Code.org  - This website allows students to learn coding.  While it has activities for K-12, it uses drag and drop code blocks and is more effective for the younger students (K-4thor 5th grade).  You can create a free account to allow your student to move through the lessons in an orderly fashion and learn good coding techniques. <br>
  • CodeHS – This is a great coding website for the older students.  (5th or 6th grade through 12th).  Again, you sign up for free and then you can choose from different real-world coding languages to learn.    If you have no idea where to start, JavaScript is a great starting point and can be done by the traditional JavaScript course or the one that focuses on game building.