Core Principles

  • I. Exemplary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment


    A well-developed quality curriculum that ensures effective implementation and articulation that allows for evaluation.


    Aligned with goals and expectations for student learning, the design of instruction employs data driven decision-making and actively engages students in their learning while expanding instructional support for student learning.

    Clearly defines expectations for student learning to be assessed. There is an established purpose for assessment with appropriate methods in place. There is a collection of comprehensive samples of student achievement that are fair, unbiased and avoids distortion.

    II. Exemplary Student Performance

    Students demonstrate exemplary abilities for:

    • Learning to learn.
    • Expanding on the Dinévalues of lifelong learning as a foundation to integrate new knowledge into all subject areas.
    • Utilizing a wide variety of communication skills.
    • Applying higher order thinking skills and
    • Demonstrating strong interpersonal skills, personal and social responsibility.


    III. Exemplary Staff Performance

    Is a team approach taking pride and responsibility in setting and carrying out goals and expectations aimed at student learning and is self directed, respectful, and passionate in setting a climate to promote exemplary student performance measures and the Dinévalues of life-long learning and the Dinélanguage.

    IV. Strong Parental and Community Relations

    Community and parental relationships will be grounded by the Dinévalues of life-long learning by extending the school community through collaborative networks of support for student learning through parental and community involvement at all levels and throughout all programs, and by fostering community building conditions and working relationships within each school and the district.

    V. Safe, Efficient and Supportive School Environment

    Schools should be safe, efficient, supportive and secure places for all students, teachers, and staff. A safe and supportive learning environment should enable teachers to teach and students to learn with efficiency at optimal levels to ensure relevant learning for all students to be successful in a multicultural society.

    VI. Efficient and Supportive Learning Operations

    All district operational programs are designed to be efficient and supportive of the district’s vision of being an exemplary student-centered organization, reflecting the Dinévalues of life-long learning.