Using Google Apps

  • Use Google Forms to Collect Attendance Online From Your Digital Learning Students


    This video will demonstrate how you can create a Google Form to collect attendance online.  The responses are collected in a Google Drive spreadsheet.  Within that spreadsheet, you can view both current and previous attendance data and you can filter to show only certain dates and/or certain classes, etc.

  • Using Google Calendar for Class Assignments and Displaying that Calendar on Your Blackboard Website

    If you need a better way to display assignments for your students and parents, you might try using a Google Calendar.  You can create a new calendar, without needing to use your personal calendar.   If you are a high school or middle school teacher, you can even create a different calendar for each class, but access them all through your own Google account.  Then, you can embed those calendars inside your Blackboard website, so that students/parents/etc can easily see upcoming (and past due) assignments.