• 1/24/23-  Indian Wars Storyboard

    Create a story board of the Indian Wars (as per Chapter 16).  Create 3-4 sections, each consisting of:  Subtitle (1 pt), Summary (3 pts ... meaningful information must be provided in a paragraph), Picture (4 pts... you must be creative, no printouts.  Make this illustration neat and full of effort), Question (2 pts...what questions do you have that aren't answered in the textbook or your research?). 

    30 points, with 10 points possible extra credit.  Due Monday, 1/30/23


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  • Week of Jan 18

    Read Chapter 16, pp. 460- 471 in textbook, Conflict in the West.  Download Chap. 16.  This is due on Monday, Jan 23.  33 points.

    DBQ- Battle of the Little Bighorn.  Due on Tuesday, Jan 24.  20 points.

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  • 1/5/23- Radical Reconstruction DBQ

    Click here for the link to the Radical Reconstruction DBQ.  Due Monday, Jan 9.  (20 points)

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  • Weed of 1/4/23.

    Welcome back!  Hope your brain is refreshed.  

    We will look at Chap 15.  Reconstruction 1865-1877.  Click it to download.  35 points and due Monday, Jan 9.

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    12/5/22- Unit 5 Test

    Your unit test is taken from the textbook, pp. 457-458, and is worth 23 points.  It does cover chapters 12-14, pp. 342-429 (Chapter 15 isn’t reflected in the test).

    Answer questions:

    -5.1 thru 5.8 (multiple choice and 8 points), do not write out the entire questions.  Just need the number and answer.

    -5.9 (Short answer question, 6 points)

    -choose 5.10 OR 5.11 (Long Essay Question 9 points).  You do not have to write out the questions but do make sure you have all aspects of your questions answered.  This goes for 5.9 as well.  DUE MONDAY, DEC, 12, 2022.  

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  • 11/28/22- click for Chapter 14 And the Civil War Came: The Civil War 1861-1865, pp. 398-429.  30 points, due Dec 2nd.  

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  • 11/15/22- You can access this DBQ either by clicking either the file: Freedom's Journal DBQ.  OR the link    

    You can download and hand write it or you can save as your own file and email to me at mrhillis145@gmail.com

    Due Friday, Nov 18.  32 points.

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  • 11/14/22- Your quiz should be completed and turned in.  Here is the chapter terms and FRQs for this week.  Chap 13  This is Due Thursday.

    I will post a DBQ tomorrow.

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  • Click here for Chapter 12 handout.  Due on 11/9/22.  

    24 points

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  • Click here for DBQ:

    Irish in 19th Century America

    This is due on Thursday, Nov 10. 

    30 points.

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  • AP Classroom- Check daily for assignments, I will post here in addition to what we have in the class.

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