• 5/22/23 FINAL

    Click here to download.  24 points, due on 5/23/23



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  • 4/17/23- FIVE NN LEGAL MATTERS  (this assignment is not too long but since I have testing this week for ACT Aspire, I won't see half my classes.  This keeps you on the same page for this week)

    Here are five legal matters of Navajo Nation today.  For each, write a one-paragraph summary for each.  Write this paragraph in your own words (I don’t want to see it copied word for word from your source).  Due Friday, April 21.  20 points. 

    1. Navajo Marriage Act of 2005
    2. Navajo Water Rights  (biggest concern now of) 
    3. Indian Child Welfare Act
    4. Navajo Nation modify tribal law for marijuana (recent)
    5. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (current state)
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  • Week of 4/10/23

    View Uranium: The Navajo LegacyWrite three things you learned, two things you found interesting, and one question you still have after viewing.  Due at the end of the hour.  12 points.


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  • Week of 4/3/23

    4/23 Reading Log 4-2 is due today.  Read Chap 5, pp. 109-122 in class.  Do your Write Up (3-2-1) and the following question at the end, "Do you think a Navajo Constitution is a good idea?  Explain why or why not"  Due at the end of the hour.  15 points.

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  • 4th Quarter- 3/20/23

    Navajo Government- Discuss in class, what is different about our system of government than that of N/S Government?

    We will read from The Navajo Political Experience.  


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  • 3/8/23- Extra Credit, 20 points.  Due Friday.

    RACES article "Ex-Navajo President Zah guided by love for people, family"

    Use the RACES format to read this article and write about it.  I have grading rubrics for you and to attach to your final write up.

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  • FINAL ABC Project- 3/2/23

    Label your poster/paper "ABC Project".  This downloadable sheet is just an example sheet.  Your directions are down below.

    -utilize all letters of the alphabet (A-Z) to show what you learned over this 3rd quarter.  Each letter will be an informational statement or a vocabulary term you learned from this semester.


    A- American soldiers built Fort Defiance in 1851 to disrupt Navajo raiding.

    B- Barboncito was one of the Navajo headmen who signed the Navajo Treaty of 1868.

    C- .....

    Due March 9.  52 points, 8 points extra credit for a decorative paper (include illustrations).  Use the blank 81/2x14 or 11x17 sheets in my room.  Have fun with this.

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  • 1/31/23-

    read Chapter 3, pp. 65-83.  Write on a sheet of paper, THREE things you learned, TWO interesting ideas, and ONE question.  

    Due tomorrow, Feb 1 (12 points).

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  • 1/26/23

    Create a story board of Navajo Creation & History (as you've read about).  Create 3-4 sections, each consisting of:  Subtitle (1 pt), Summary (3 pts ... meaningful information must be provided in a paragraph), Picture (4 pts... you must creative, no printouts.  Make this illustration neat and full of effort), Question (2 pts...what questions do you have that aren't answered in the textbook or your research?). 

    30 points, with 10 points possible extra credit.  Due Tuesday, 1/31/23


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  • Week of Jan 23:

    Reading Logs 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3 should be turned in already.  Remember that these are due every Monday.

    We are reading A Dine History of Navajoland.  1/23- you were to read Chapter 1, pp. 33-45.  Come up with two questions or two things you learned for discussion in class.

    1/24- read Chap 2, pp. 46-64.  Homework: on a sheet of paper (you can type and email in as well), write THREE things you learned, TWO interesting ideas, and ONE question.  This is due on 1/25/23.

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  • Week of Jan 4:

    -click and download the syllabus.  Sign and return immediately for 5 points.

    -We will go over reading materials.  You will use a reading log, to be turned in every Monday.  Copy the format we use in the classroom.  


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