• 5/14/24- Annotated Timeline Vietnam War

    -List six important concepts, ideas, events from this war in consequential order.  (3 pts per = 18 pts)

    -Create four illustrations (1 pt each)

    -Click here to download Annotated Timeline example

     Due 5/16/24.  22 points

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  • 5/8/24- DBQ Gulf of Tonkin

    Click the DBQ, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.  This is due by Friday, May 10.  21 points.

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  • 5/6/24- you have two weeks left to turn in your work

    Sections 15.3 and 15.4 will be done together.  Do not turn them in separately.

    15.3- Define the two terms: CIA and NASA on p. 647.  Answer question #5 on p. 652.

    15.4: Define all ten terms on p. 653.  Answer question #5 on p. 658.

    Due on Tuesday, May 7.  16 points.

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  • 4/29/24- The Korean War

    Use the textbook, section 15.2, pp. 642-646, to help you with this as well as anything you took as notes on from the Cold War video.  

    You may download the handout, Describing a Hostorical Event.

    This can be used as an example for the diagram you will create.  The points will be broken down as follows:

    Event: Korean War (1 pt)

    Who, When, Where, Why, How, Significance which are 3 points each (18 pts total)

    Your creativity in decorating and illustrating this diagram will be 5 pts.

    Due on Wednesday, 24 points total.

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  • 4/25/24- Section 15.1

    read The Beginning of the Cold War.

    Define all ten terms on p. 636.

    Answer question #4 on p. 641.

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  • 4/24/24- Cold War, video and textbook

    Watch the video "The Cold War in 15 Minutes".  Write two things you learned and one thing you found interesting or would like to know more about.  5pts, due on Wednesday.


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  • 4/22/24- Chapter 14 timeline

    Significant events of WWII.

    List eight significant events of WWII, from 1939 to 1945.  For each event, write a summary.  It should be sequential and accurate. 

    This will be due Tuesday. 4/23.  24 pts

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  • 4/18/24- Video and 14.7 the Holocaust

    Video: Japanese witnesses at Dachau

    Two things you learned and one question.

    Section 14.7 The Holocaust

    Define all eight terms on p. 618

    Answer question #5 on p. 623

    13 points, due today

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  • 4/16/24-

    Watch two short videos on Attu Island during WWII.  Write two things you learned and one question.

    Also define following terms from sections 14.5 and 14.6:  Executive Order 8802, 442nd Regimental Comba Team, Harry S. Truman, Kamikaze, Albert Einstein, Manhattan Project, J. Robert Oppenheimer

    Due 4/17, 10 points

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  • 4/15/24- Section 14.4

    War on Two Fronts

    Define all nine terms on p. 594

    Answer question #1 on p. 600.

    Due on 4/15/24, 11 points

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  • 4/11/24- 14.3 The U.S. Enters WWII

    Along with video:

    Two things you learned from the video

    One question you have on the topic

    Questions 1 and 4 on p. 593.

    Due on 4/12/24, 5 pts.

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  • 4/10/24- 14.2 America Debates Involvement

    Define all ten terms on p. 576.  (options for ten points, extra credit can be earned if student explains some contemporary tie in with each term)

    Question #4 on p. 584. 

    Due Thursday, 4/11.  12 points (with ten pts ex cr possible)

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  • 4/9/2 14.1 Rise of Aggressive Dictators

    Define all fourteen terms on p. 568.

    Answer question #3 on p. 575.

    Due on Wed,April 10.  16 pts.

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  • 4/2/24- DBQ Social Security

    Download and read the documents, Social Security.

    This is due on 4/3/24, 16 pts

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  • 4/1/24- Great Depression poster

    Use pp. 516 - 562 in textbook to help you with this small project.

    On a small poster, you will to the following in a short summary:

    -list one cause of the Depression (4pts)

    -What was one effect of the Depression? (4 pts)

    -List one way Navajos were effected (4 pts)

    -List one part of the New Deal legislation (how did the government try to help) 4 pts)

    -Illustrate your answers, make the information accurate, work is neat and easy to understand.

    Due Thursday, April 4.  20 points.

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  • 3/28/24 - The Harlem Renaissance

    Read pp. 505-510.  Write a short summary for any four terms on p. 505.  8 pts, due today.

    Ex credit- you can do the other four terms for another four points.

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  • 3/27/24-  The Roaring Twenties

    Section 12.7, pick any four terms on p. 497 from the textbook and write a short summary for each.   8 pts, due today.

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  • 3/26/24- 12.6 An Unsettled Society

    Define only these ten terms on p. 488: modernism, fundamentalism, Scopes Trial, KKK, Prohibition, 18th Amendment, Volstead Act, Bootlegger, Red Scare, Vanzetti & Sacco (last two are one term)

    Answer question #5 on p. 496

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  • 3/20/24- The Homefront During WWI, Sections 12.3 and 12.4

    Pp. 459-465.  Define all seven terms (there are eight listed by one is listed twice).  

    Briefly describe two events from WWI and how they relate to something today.

    Due on Thursday, March 21.  11 points

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  • 3/18/24- America Enters WWI

    Define all ten terms on p. 450.  

    Write and answer questions 1, 4, and 5 on p. 458.  

    Due on Tuesday, 3/19.  16 points.


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  • 2/28/24- 11.7 U.S. Emerges as a World Power

    Define all fifteen terms on p. 436: spheres of influence, John Hay... Francisco "Pancho" Villa

    Answer questions 1, 3, 5 on p. 444

    Due Thurs, 2/29/24.  21 points

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  • 2/26/24- Section 11.6

    The Spanish American War:  define all eleven terms on p. 428 and answer questions 1 & 2 on p. 434.  Due on Tuesday, 2/25.  15 points.

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  • 2/21/24- DBQ Hawaii Annexation

    Click here for the DBQ on Hawaii Annexation

    As you do this, it has another link for you to read.  Its required for you to use in order to complete the assignment.

    Due on 2/22/24, 10 points.

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  • 2/20/24- Section 11.5

    American Influence Grows. pp. 423-427.  

    Define all eight terms on p. 423.

    Answer all five questions on p. 427.  Due on Wed, Feb 21.  18 pts.

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  • 2/15/24- Striving for Equality

    -Students will read and work on Section 11.3 as it is on the whiteboard, all ten terms on p. 407 and questions 3 & 4 on p. 411.  They will need to turn their work into the trays in the back of the room.  Due 2/16, 14 points.

    Friday- Students will read and work on Section 11.4.  They will define all seventeen terms on p. 412.  They will also have to answer questions 1, 3 & 4 on p. 422.  Due 2/20, 23 points.

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  • 2/13/24- Unit 9 Quiz

    From the textbook, you have an open book quiz, pp. 312-352.  You have two choices on how you may do this:

    1-answer questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 with one paragraph each.  All questions are on p. 353. 

    2- choose any of the two questions above

    and #16 on p. 316, which must be answered in a one-page essay.  You must use evidence to back up your answer.

    20 points, due on Thursday, 2/15/24.

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  • 2/12/24- Homestead Strike

    For reading DBQ (in place of RACES), download the Homestead Strike

    Due on Wednesday 2/14/24, 25 points

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  • 2/7/24- Sections 9.5 & 9.6

    Define all nine terms on p. 341 and all nine terms on p. 347.

    Answer the following questions (one paragraph each):

    1- What impact did Native Americans have on building skyscrapers?

    2- Why was Buffalo Bill's Wild West show so popular?

    Due on Friday, 2/9.  22 points.

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  • 2/5/24- 9.3 The Organized Labor Movement

    Define all twelve terms on p. 327.

    Answer questions 1 and 3 on p. 333.

    16 points, due on Tuesday, 2/6/24

    9.4 The New Immigrants

    Define all eight terms on p. 334.  

    Answer questions 2, 4 & 5 on p. 340.

    14 points, due on Wednesday, 2/7/24


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  • 1/29/24- DBQ Edward Curtis

    Download DBQ on Edward Curtis, photographer of Native Americans in early 1900s.  Analyze his pictures and explain his works carefully.  Due on Wed, 1/31.  15 points.

    1/30- I will hand out your progress reports for your parents to sign.  Due on 2/1.  5 points.

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  • 1/26/24- 9.2 Big Business Rises

    Define all eleven terms on p. 321.  Answer questions 1, 2, 5 on p. 326.  Due Friday, 17 points.

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  • 1/24/24- 9.1 Innovation Boosts Growth

    All eleven terms on p. 312.  Answer all five questions on p. 320.  Due on Thursday, 18 points (+3 EC)

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  • 1/22/24 -Chapter 8 Quiz

    Utilize pp. 384-309 to answer these five questions found on p. 309: 5, 7, 12, 14, and 16.  Answer in one paragraph.  Due at the beginning of class Tuesday, 20 points.

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  • 1/18/24- Section 8.3

    Reconstruction Changes the South.  Define all eleven terms on p. 299.  Answer questions 2-4 on p. 307.  Due Friday, 1/19/24.  17 points.


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  • 1/16/24- Section 8.2

    Reconstruction Changes the South

    Define all nine terms on p. 291.

    Answer questions 1-5 on p. 298.  Due on Wednesday.  19 points.

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  • 1/9/24 - DBQ Radical Reconstruction, taken from SHEG site.

    -Download DBQ.  Download this five-page assignment,  label as your own.  Then you can fill this in and turn in via email or hardcopy.  Due Thursday, 15 points.

    -Section 8.1 Plans for Reconstruction Clash from textbook.

    Define all ten terms on p. 284.  Answer any four questions on p. 290, you may answer a fifth question for Ex. Cr.  18 points, due on Friday.




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  • 1/3/24- Section 7.7 Impact of the Civil War

    Define all four terms on p. 274.

    Answer questions 1, 3, 4, 5 on p. 278.

    Due on Friday, Jan 5.  12 points.

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  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    12/5/23- 7.3 The Civil War Begins

    -Define all thirteen terms on p. 245.  (Jefferson Davis, John C. Breckenridge... border state)

    -Answer all five questions on p. 255.  

    Due on Dec 6.  23 points.

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  • 11/29/30- 7.2  Violence Escalates

    Define all eleven terms on p. 237:  Kansas Nebraska Act, John Brown, Bleeding Kansas, Know Nothings, Republican Party, Dred Scott, Rodger B. Taney, Abrahan Lincoln, Stephan A. Douglas, Harper's Ferry, Nativist

    Questions 1, 4, and 5 on p. 244.  Due on 11/30/23, 17 points


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  • 11/27/23- Section 7.1

    Slavery Divides the Nation.  Write and define all ten terms from p. 228:  Wilmot Proviso, Free-soil party, popular sovereignty, secede, Compromist of 1850, Fugitive Slave Act, personal liberty laws, Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman, Harriet Beecher Stowe.

    Answer questions 2 thru 5 on p. 236.  

    18 points, due on Tuesday 11/28/23

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  • 11/17/23- UNIT 6 QUIZ

    Write answers in summary form (one paragraph each) from pp. 223-224.  Questions 5, 10, 13, 14, 15 on p. 224.  

    Due at the end of class.  20 points.

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  • 11/8/23- 6.5 The Abolition Movement

    Write one-paragraph summaries on: Nat Turner, William Lloyd Garrsion, Frederick Douglass

    Answer Question #1 on p.217.  

    8 points, due on 11/9/23

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  • 11/6/23- 6.4 A Religious Awakening Sparks Reform

    Read pp. 201 - 210

    -Define all seventeen terms on p. 201.  Answer questions 2, 4, 5 o. p. 210.

    -Due on Wed, Nov 8.  23 points.

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  • 11/1/23- Section 10.1 American Indians Under Pressure

    Write and define all eight terms: reservations, Sand Creek Massacre, Sitting Bull, Battle of the Little Bighorn, Chief Joseph, Wounded Knee, assimilated, Dawes General Allotment Act on p. 358.

    Answer all five questions on p. 365.

    18 points, due on 11/2/23

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  • 10/30/23- Map of Bighorse's Time

    Create within your group, a map of eight geographical places mentioned by Gus Bighorse.  Provide a summary of how he mentions or perceived that area. 


    Map elements, is it clearly defined?  (1-4 points), Labels and features, are the Navajo and English names included?  Are they accurate in its significance?  (1-8 points).  Neatness,  is the map legible and easy to read? (1-4 points).  Visually appealing, is the map illustrated and colored?  Is it colored and all of the sheet used with no dead space?  (1-4 points).  Mechanics and Spelling, Are the places properly labeled, with proper capitalization?  Are the summaries written correctly?  (1-8 points)  Presentation, Are all students presentable and with proper posture?  (no fidgeting)  Is the speaker vocal?  (1-4 points)

    All students in the same group will get the same grade.  32 points will be the maximum for this project. 

    The time frame will be eight school days.  The top two groups projects will be showcased for the NAU Dine presentation on December 2, 2023.

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  • 10/23/23- 6.3 America Achieves Manifest Destiny

    Write and define all seven terms on p. 197: Treaty of Quadalupe Hidalgo, Gadsden Purchase, Wilmot Priviso, California Gold Rush, forty-niner, placer mining, hydraulic mining.

    Answer questions 1, 2, 3, 5 on p. 200.

    15 points, due on Tuesday 10/24/23

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  • 10/21/23- Indian Removal Storyboard

    Read the summaries on Indian Removal Facts 

    Pick ONE topic out of the 18 summaries to complete your storyboard.  The main difference from before is that you will have FOUR subtopics.  21 points and due on Tuesday, 10/24.  

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  • 10/17/23- Section 6.2 and RACES

    RACES article Treaty of Fort Laramie due at the end of class on Tuesday.  Click above if you were absent and need it.

    6.2 TX and the Mexican American War

    Write and define all nine terms on p. 192 (Stephan R. Austin, Antionia Lopes de Santa Ana, autonomy, Lone Star Republic, Alamo, Sam Houston, James K, Polk, Zachary Taylor, Winfield Scott.

    Answer all five questions, 1-5 on p. 196.  Due on Wed, 10/18.  19 points.


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  • 10/16/23- 6.1 Moving West

    Read the section.  Write and define all eight terms on p. 186: Junipero Serra, expansionist, Manifest Destiny, Santa Fe Trail, Mountain Men, Oregon Trail, Brigham Young, Treaty of Fort Laramie 

    Answer questions 1-3 on p. 191.  Due on 10/17.  14 points.

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  • 10/13/23- Section 5.7 

    Jacksonian Democracy, pp. 172-180.

    Write and define all eleven terms on p. 172: Caucus, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Jacksonian Democracy, spoils system, Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears, Tariff of Abominations, John C. Calhoun, nullification, Whigs

    Answer questions 2-4 on p. 180

    17 points, Due Friday 10/13

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  • 10/10/23 Sections 5.5 and 5.6

    5.5- Write and define all five terms on p. 161 (Tariff of 1816, capital, labor union, nativist, cotton gin).  Choose any three of the five questions on p. 166 to answer.

    5.6-  Write and define all seven terms on p. 167 (nationalism, Henry Clay, American System, John Quincy Adams, Adams-Onis Treaty, Monroe Doctrine, Missouri Compromise).  Answer questions 2-4 on p. 171.  


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  • END OF 1ST QUARTER--------------------------------------------------------------

    10/2/23- RACES

    A history of conflict between Euro-Americans and Native Americans.  Click HERE if you need the article.  Due at the end of class.  


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  • 9/29/23- 1st Qtr test

    To be done in class, due at the end of the hour.

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  • 9/26/23- The Beginning of the Industrial Revolution, pp. 156-160.

    Write and define these ten terms: Turnpike, National Road, Erie Canal, Industrial Revolution, Samuel Slater, Francis Cabot Lowell, interchangable parts, Eli Whitney, Samuel F.B. Morse, textile.

    Question:  In your opinion, What was the most important invention in this era?  Why?

    12 points, due on Wednesday, 9/27

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  • 9/25/23- War of 1812, pp. 151-155

    WRite and define all ten terms:  Tecumseh, Battle of Tippecanoe, War Hawks, War of 1812, Andrew Jackson, Francis Scott Key, Star Spangled Banner, Battle of New Orleans, Treaty of Ghent, Hartford Convention.

    Answer questions 1, 2, 3 on p. 155

    16 points, due on Tuesday, 9/26/23

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  • 9/21/23- 5.2 Jefferson as President

    -Read and discuss pp.144- 150.  Pay attention to the national debt, population and embargos.

    Write and define all nine terms on p. 144:  bureaucracy, John Marshall, judicial review, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Barbary War, impressment, embargo, Marbury v. Madison

    Write and answer questions 1,3, 5 on p. 150

    Due Friday, 9/22/23.  15 points.

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  • 9/18/23- 5.1 The New Gov't Finds its Way

    -Read in textbook, pp. 134- 143.  

    -Write and define all seventeen terms:  adminstration, precedent, Cabinet, tariff, loose construction, strict construction, Whiskey Rebellion, political party, Democratic Republicans, Little Turtle, Battle of Fallen Timbers, French Revolution, John Jay, XYZ Affair, Alien and Sedition Acts, Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, Aaron Burr.

    -Answer questions 1,2,5 on p. 143.  

    -Answer questions 3 and 4 for extra credit.  

    23 points, due on 9/19/23

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  • 9/13/23- RACES 1

    Click here for the RACES article, "2007 UN Watershed Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People is Adopted".  15 points, due on 9/13/23.

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  • 9/12/23- ABC Project

    Utilize the alphabet to display your understanding of the creation of a New Nation.  Use every letter of the alphabet to explain concepts, events, names, etc.  Use your textbook for reference, Chapters 4 and part of 3.  You may also use your own graded work.  See me for more guidance if you need.  30 points, due 9/15/23.

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  • 9/11/23- 4.3 The Enduring Constitution

    -write and define all eleven terms on p. 123 (federalists, antifederalists.... ratification).

    -Choose any three questions to answer on p. 129.  If you want extra credit, answer all five.  

    -Due 9/12/23, 17 points (plus 4 ex. cr. points possible)

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  • 9/7/23- Storyboard

    Create a storyboard on events and/or concepts on the creation of the new US government, right after the Revolutionary War.  Refer to sections 4.1 and 4.2 for your informational needs (you can use the textbooks and or your graded homework to help you).  13 points (w/ 4 extra points possible),  Due Friday, 9/8/23.

    Create three sections.  Use the blank paper in the back of the room.  Do not use lined paper.  You will have:

    -one title

    -each section will have a subtitle

    -short summary

    -an ending question that is not answered in the section.

    -if you want extra credit, you can do one more section.

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  • 9/6/23- 4.2 The Constitutional Convention

    -Write and define all seven terms on p. 117: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Great Compromise, federalism, 3/5 Compromise

    -Questions 1 and 2 on p. 122.

    This is due today, 11 points.

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  • 9/5/23- The Articles of Confederation

    Pages, 110 to 116.  Write and define all ten terms on p. 11o ( Republic, Unicameral legislation, bicameral legislation, Articles of Confederation, John Dickenson, federal, Northwest territory, Land Ordinance of 1785, Northwest Ordinance of 1787, Shays' Rebellion.

    Questions 1, 2, and 5 on page 116.  Due on 9/5/23.  16 points

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  • 8/30/23- Americans Win the Revolution

    Write and answer all fourteen terms on p. 97:  William Howe, mercenary, Battle of Trenton, Charles Cornwallis, Battle of Princeton, Saratoga, Marquis de Lafayette. Ben Franklin, Valley Forge, Monmouth, Kings Mountain, Yorktown, Treaty of Paris, manumission.  20 points, due on Thursday, 8/31

    Write and answer questions 2, 3, and 4 on p. 105.

    • What role did Ben Franklin play during the Revolutionary War, and how was it important?
    • Why did American Indians ally themselves with the British, and what was the result of this alliance?
    • Why might the American Revolution in the South be considered a civil war?
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  • 8/28/23 3.3- The Colonists Declare Independence

    Write and define all eleven terms on p. 92 ( militia, Loyalists... minutemen),  Answer questions 4 & 5 on p. 96.  15 points, due on Tuesday, 8/29.

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  • 8/25/23- Colonial Timeline

    Creat a timeline of six events that were causes of the American Revolution.  18 points, Due on Monday 8/28/23.  (this assessment takes the place of a quiz)

    1. each event should be important and relevant.  Show me what you learned.  Use your textbooks, notes and even graded work that was returned to you.
    2. write a short summary of each event, 2-4 sentences.  3 pts each.
    3. Summaries should be legible and meaningful.  Don't lose points because you rush this.  Feel free to color or decorate.
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  • 8/24/23- Causes of the Revolution

    Section 3.2  -due Friday, 8/24/23

    Write and define all eleven terms: Stamp Act, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Sons of Liberty, nonimportation agreements, Boston Massacre, committees of corresponce, Boston Tea Party, Intolerable Acts, 1st Continental Congress, salutory neglect.  (p. 84)

    Questions:  #3- What three tactics did colonists use to protest British taxes?    #5- What was the 1st Continental Congress, and what did it accomplish?  (p. 91)


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  • 8/22/23- Ch 2 questions and Fr Ind War

    Answer questions #6 on p. 73 and #17 on p. 74

    Read the French and Indian War, pp. 78-83.  Write and define all nine terms on p. 78 ( Fr. and Ind War, Pontiac's Rebellion, Proclamation of 1763, Albany Plan of Union, Iroquios, Gen Edward Braddock, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Lord Jeffery Amherst).  Due on 8/23/23

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  • 8/21/23 -Section 2.6

    -Write and define all Seven terms on p. 67 (Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, habeas corpus, salutory neglect, Enlightenment, Benjamin Franklin, and great awakening) and question #2 on p. 72.


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  • 8/18/23 -Section 2.5

    -Write and define all Six terms on p. 60 (Parliament, mercantilism, Navigation Acts, dame school, Staple crop, and cash crop) and question #3 on p. 66.

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  • 8/16/23- DBQ King Phillip's War

    -Click HERE for DBQ. You can print and turn in a hard copy or download this and save as your document, then email to me at: mrhillis145@gmail.com


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  • 8/16/23- Sections 2.3 and 2.4

    -The Middle Colonies, p. 50.  Write and define all four terms:  Push factor, pull factor, William Penn, Quakers.  Question #4 on p. 54

    -Immigration and Slavery in the Colonies, p. 55.  Write and define all four terms:  Indentured servant, triangular trade, Middle passage, Phillis Wheatley.  Question #4 on p. 59.

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  • 8/11/23- The Puritans

    Click here for the DBQ The Puritans.  To be done and turned in class, Friday. 

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  • 8/10/23- Sections 2.1 & 2.2

    Click here for The Southern Colonies Take Root.  Due Friday, 8/11/23

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  • 8/9/23- Write Up

    View Conquistadors of Southwest on Youtube.  Write: Three things you learned, two interesting ideas, and one question you have on the video.  Due at the end of the hour today.  


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  • 8/4/23- DBQ Lunchroom Fight I and II

    Download and answer the questions on both docs.  Turn in by start of class Monday as we will go over the questions you answered.

    Lunchroom Fight I

    Lunchroom Fight II


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