• 1/26/23

    Create a story board of Navajo Creation & History (as you've read about).  Create 3-4 sections, each consisting of:  Subtitle (1 pt), Summary (3 pts ... meaningful information must be provided in a paragraph), Picture (4 pts... you must creative, no printouts.  Make this illustration neat and full of effort), Question (2 pts...what questions do you have that aren't answered in the textbook or your research?). 

    30 points, with 10 points possible extra credit.  Due Tuesday, 1/31/23


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  • Week of Jan 23:

    Reading Logs 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3 should be turned in already.  Remember that these are due every Monday.

    We are reading A Dine History of Navajoland.  1/23- you were to read Chapter 1, pp. 33-45.  Come up with two questions or two things you learned for discussion in class.

    1/24- read Chap 2, pp. 46-64.  Homework: on a sheet of paper (you can type and email in as well), write THREE things you learned, TWO interesting ideas, and ONE question.  This is due on 1/25/23.

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  • Week of Jan 4:

    -click and download the syllabus.  Sign and return immediately for 5 points.

    -We will go over reading materials.  You will use a reading log, to be turned in every Monday.  Copy the format we use in the classroom.  


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