• The WRHS Biology will focus on the mastery of basic biological concepts and models while building scientific inquiry skills and exploring the connections between living things and their environment.  The course begins with an introduction to the nature of science and biology, including the major themes of structure and function, matter and energy flow, systems, and the interconnectedness of life. Students then apply those themes to the structure and function of the cell, cellular metabolism, and biogeochemical cycles. Building on this foundation, students explore the connections and interactions between living things by studying genetics, ecosystems and natural selection, and evolution.  

    THE FALL 2023 SEMESTER WRHS BIOLOGY UNIT TOPICS         Quarter One, Unit 1 Matter and Energy in Organisms and Unit 2 Homeostasis and Cell Function in Organisms;  Quarter Two, Unit 3 Growth, Development and Reproduction of Organisms      THE SPRING 2024 SEMESTER WRHS BIOLOGY UNIT TOPICS           Quarter Three, Unit 4 Matter and Energy in Ecosystems and  Unit 5 Ecosystems and Populations; Quarter Four Unit 6  Natural Selection and Unit 7  Inheritable Trait

      New Arizona Science Standards 2018                WRHS Biology Curriculum:     Quarter 1      Quarter 2      Quarter 3      Quarter 4                     School Year 2023 - 2024 Biology Syllabus          


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