• The Window Rock High School Human Anatomy and Physiology (HAP) is structured to help students learn the human body's microstructure and macrostructure, cellular and organ system organization levels, cellular and organ function, and diseases and disorders that affect the body's structure and function.     Prerequisites (Required): Biology and (Recommended)  (Chemistry).    Required Knowledge Base:  Students must be able to describe the basic cell structures and functions of the human body.  The human body is composed of trillions of cells.  These cells (from the nervous system to the muscular system, or to the reproductive system) have vastly different external structures but have the same basic cell infrastructure and function.  The human body's cellular organelles have the same basic function and structure but become more specialized according to the type of organ system.  Students should know the principles of atomic structure, bonding, molecules, structural chemical formulas, types of chemical reactions, principles of acids and bases, metric systems, and molarity.  The basic cell is composed of special macromolecules with chemical covalent and ionic bonding of elements. 

    The 2023 First SEMESTER HAP Units: Unit 1 Basic Human Chemistry;  Unit 2 The Cell;  Unit 3 Tissues, and Integumentary System;  Unit 4 Immune System;  Unit 5 Nervous System;  Unit 6 Muscular System                                                                                               The 2024 Second SEMESTER HAP UNITS:   Unit 7:  Cardiovascular System;  Unit 8 Skeletal System;  Unit 9 Anatomical Directions;  Unit 10 Respiratory System; and Unit 11 Study of Choice (Skin, Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary, Endocrine, and Reproductive). Students will select and the teacher will devise the lessons.           Window Rock High School Human Anatomy and Physiology Medical Science Standards:  HAP Medical Science Standards      Window Rock High School Syllabus and parental contact information.  Human Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus

    Wednesday PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE (PTC):  I will be available for In Person or Distance confidential conferencing either by telephone calls or Zoom sessions.  Please call or email me your communication preference.  If ZOOM is your preference, I will schedule it at a time of your convenience.  If a telephone call is your preference, then call my Window Rock High School classroom number at 928-729-7055.  The 2023 School Year Wednesday PTC sessions are on September 20 and November 08.  The 2024 Wednesday PTC sessions are on February 14 and April 17.  Individual progress reports can be sent over the weekend prior to the conference. 

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