Window Rock Integrated Preschool Program

  • Window Rock Unified School District Preschool program will begin the 2022-2023 school year with two classrooms.  Our preschool program does have a waiting list for children 3-5. If you would like to be added to our waiting list please contact the following preschool staff. 


    Karen Henderson 

    Exceptional Student Service Director



    LaToya Hale

    Preschool Teacher






    Kaleen Curtis

    ESS Data Entry Clerk



  • Tsehootsooi Integrated Preschool Program Description

     The Window Rock Unified School District Integrated Preschool Program is a program where children with differing abilities play and learn together in the same classroom. We are set up to serve both special needs preschoolers ages three to five (not yet eligible for kindergarten) and typically developing preschoolers who turn four years old by September 1st of the school year. Our special needs children may be challenged in one or more of the following areas: Preschool Speech Language Impaired (PSL), Hearing Impaired (HI), Vision Impaired (VI), or developmental delayed (DD) which may affect the following: 1) cognitive abilities, 2) motor abilities, 3) sensory abilities, 4) psychosocial skills, 5) language skills and 6) adaptive behavior. A delay of more than 3 standard deviations below the mean on a norm referenced test would provide services for Preschool Severe Delay (PSD). Our typically developing children come from the school community. The typically developing preschoolers pay tuition to attend the Special Needs Preschool Program.

    The Window Rock Unified School District Preschool Program follows the school district calendar year. Classes will meet four days a week for three hours per day for two sessions. During the preschool day, the children participate in a rich variety of activities, during which they experience many opportunities for learning. Each day the child may participate in circle time, small group activities, independent work time and movement activities. The children are given opportunities to make choices about activities and then given a chance to talk about their activity choices. Throughout the year, many concepts are presented through play, songs, literature, finger plays and other sensory related activities.

    We use the team approach to working with children. Different district personnel may also participate in our program throughout the year, such as Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Vision and Hearing Specialist, and School Psychologist. However, the most important participants in the Integrated Preschool Program continue to be the children and their families that we are here to serve!

    In the area of guidance and discipline, our ultimate goal is that each child develops self-control and appropriate ways of solving difficulties. Within the classroom setting, we try to set clear, consistent and fair limits. We listen to the children and help them find ways of resolving their conflicts. We regard mistakes as an opportunity to learn. As part of this learning process, we always look for ways to redirect children to appropriate activities and help them make alternative choices. In some instances, a child may be removed from a situation for a short period of time. The child is then given the opportunity to rejoin the group and appropriate behavior is modeled and encouraged. At all times, our emphasis is on using positive guidance and treating all children with dignity and respect.


    Tsehootsooi Preschool Program Description - Kindergarten Readiness Class


    The Window Rock Unified School District Integrated Preschool Program Kindergarten Readiness Class is to provide high-quality preschool programming for eligible children to increasing the number of children who receive high quality early care and education services that include comprehensive services have been strongly linked to both academic and life skills success among children.

    The requirement for the Tsehootsooi Preschool is (1) a child must be four year old before September 1st. (2) Family income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty level (3) must provide a minimum of three hour days at four days a week.

    Families must qualify for the Quality First Scholarship in order to attend the kindergarten readiness class. Parents must provide documentation of income that may include current pay stubs; written notarized statement from employer; documentation of current receipt of unemployment insurance; documentation of receipt of public assistance such as KidCare, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); eligible for the free and reduced lunch program; or gross income as listed on the most current Federal Individual Tax Form 1040, Form 1099, or W2.


    What is Quality First?

    Quality First is a signature program of First Things First that partners with child care and preschool providers to improve the quality of early learning across Arizona.

    Quality First supports providers in making quality improvements that research proves help children thrive. These include education for teachers to expand their skills in working with young children, and coaching to help providers create learning environments that nurture the emotional, social and academic development of every child.

    You can learn more at

    Why does your program participate in Quality First?

    Parents and providers want the same things for children –for them to arrive at school healthy and ready to succeed. By improving our early learning program through participation in Quality First, we are giving young kids the tools they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

    Why does quality matter in early learning?

    90% of a child’s brain develops before age 5. The positive, nurturing relationships young kids have with adults –from parents to child care and early learning professionals –shape their learning now and throughout their lives.

    Quality early learning settings like child care and preschool help children develop skills –like motivation, self-control, focus, and self-esteem –that are crucial to their success now and once they enter school.

    What does quality early learning look like?

    Quality child care and preschool settings build on basic health and safety to include:

    Teachers and caregivers who know how to work with infants, toddlers and preschoolers;

    Positive, nurturing relationships that give young kids the individual attention they need;

    Learning environments that encourage creativity and imaginative play;

    Hands-on activities that stimulate and encourage positive brain connections in children; and,

    Caregivers who provide regular feedback to parents on the development of their child.

    All of these elements combined make a child care environment that prepares children for kindergarten

2022 Federal Poverty Levels (FPL)
  • Tsehootsooi Integrated Preschool

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    Tsehootsooi Preschool I

    LaToya Hale - Early Childhood Teacher

    Vacant - Paraprofessional

    Tsehootsooi Preschool II

    Jamie Tracy - Early Childhood Teacher

    Darlyn Owens - Paraprofessional