• Bio:

    My name is Charles Horace. I am originally from St. Michaels, AZ. My mother's family is from the Tsaile area and White Cone area. My father's family is from the Tuba City area and Kykotsmovi. I am an alumni of Northern Arizona University. I received my bachelor's degree in English. I am very passionate about teaching the students here at Window Rock High School. 


    I enjoy hiking trails, reading novels, writing, and spending time with my pets. 

    Favorite Joys of Teaching:

    I enjoy getting to know each of my students and learning what makes them unique and awesome. I also enjoy challenging my students in their academic abilities and seeing where they can improve. Each day is an adventure; class time is never a dull moment for learning.


    I expect my students to have the upmost respect for themselves, their community, their family, and for their school. I expect my students to not only be motivated, but also disciplined in seeking out opportunities to excel both in academics and life goals. I expect my students to be proactive and vocal with confidence to ask questions regarding knowledge and counsel. Lastly, I expect my students to be kind to themselves and each other; kindness does wonders to the world.