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SY 2021-22 8th Grade Promotion Agreement

  • Due to the pandemic, the following agreement has been modified to hold students accountable to participate in the 8th grade Drive Thru/In-Person Promotion Ceremony. Participating in the SY2022-2023 8th Drive Thru/In-Person Promotion is an option and an earned privilege. Participation requires one to uphold and abide by the following expectations and guidelines.


    Academic Requirement:

    • Have a passing grade of 70% or higher for the 4th Quarter by March 20, 2023. (included are ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, STEM/Robotics, P.E., Art, Navajo Language, Intervention/Enrichment) Special Education laws and policies will be followed.
    • Must have good attendance, at least 80% of the school year.


    Soical/Behavioral Expectations: 

    • Students shall return the following documents signed by both student and parent/legal guardian. Parent-School Compact, Parent-Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form and the 8th Grade Promotion Requirement Agreement (Due October 7, 2022).
    • No Handbook Discipline referrals involving ZERO TOLERANCE OFFENSES Fighting, Drugs, Vandalism, Alcohol, Tobacco, Arson, Theft, Dangerous Items or Weapons from start of 2nd quarter, October 11, 2022 until the promotion date, Thursday, May 25, 2023.
    • No behaviors that are determined, by the principal, to be detrimental to the education process of the students attending Tsehootsooi Middle School.
    • No Discipline referrals of any kind, the month before promotion (April 2022)
    • Owe NO school/sport equipment or have outstanding financial obligations due to the WRUSD #8/TMS (i.e., library books, lost textbooks, sports uniforms, etc.)


    Promotion Ceremony Conduct:

    • Shall not engage in any behavior or action which is in any way detrimental to the dignity and decorum of the occasion or to the safety of others.
    • Promotion Dress Code: (No caps and gown) Boys: slacks, dress shirt with collar. Girls: slacks, blouse, dress. Traditional dress is encouraged, but not required. Do not wear anything that violates the WRUSD Dress Code Policy. 
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  • 1. Grades: 70% or higher for the 4th Quarter by May 12, 2023

    2. Attendance: 80% of the school year

    3. Discipline Referrals: NO discipline referrals of any kind, the Month of April and May 2023.

    4. TMS Financial Obligations (library books, textbooks, sports uniform, etc.)


    There will be an 8th Grade Prom -TBA

    This event is formal. *TMS Students Only unless prior arrangements & approval by Principal*


    If students need help with grades, they can always come to study hall Monday through Thursday from 4pm - 6pm. Don't wait until the last minute.


    Attendance: NO TARDIES/NO ABSENT

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Promotion Details


    Date: May 25, 2022

    Time: 4pm

    Location: Fighting Scouts Event Center


    Class Quote:



    Class Song:





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Important Upcoming Dates

  • TBA - 8th Grade Class Picture (8am-10am)

    TBA - 8th Grade Prom (6pm-9pm)

    TBA - Promotion Practice Day (8am-10am) 

    TBA - Promotion Practice Day (8am-10am)

    May 25th - Promotion Day/Last Day of School(Early Release at 1:45)

    • 8th Grader needs to be at the event center by 3pm 
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8th Grade Transition Links


  • 8th Grade Announment for


    Promotion Newspaper Dates


    Navajo Times: TBA


    Gallup Independent: TBA

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