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    7-12 Science

    Arizona Standard Certified

    AP Biology

    APC  Certified

    Secondary Science Certified

    SEI Certified

    Praxis : Life Science

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    Welcome I'm Mrs. Lucia Mana-ay Somosa a Filipino Science Teacher born in the Philippines. I was raised by my parents for a simple living, as farming was their source of  livelihood for a family of 11 siblings. Even I came from a big family, our parents were able to send us to school for our studies. I’m the 10th in the family. Most of the male members of our family are inclined to Engineering fields, while the female ones are inclined to Medical and Teaching fields. I can say that I am a frustrated family doctor of medicine, but it was fulfilled by our nephews and nieces.

    My baccalaureate degrees are Bachelor of Science in Biology ( Preparatory for Medicine) at Central Philippine University combined with 24 units in Teaching Education, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with concentration in Science at Philippine Normal University and my graduate studies are Master of Arts in Teaching Science at the University of Rizal System.

    This is my 35th year of teaching science disciplines. Before I came here to the USA, I was a teacher at LaSalle School System Philippines for 20 years. I’m teaching General Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, but more of concentration on Biology and Chemistry which I love most. I’ve been a science coordinator for many years, coached students for the science quiz bee competition, spearheaded the Science Industrial Fair yearly and authored fifth grade science books which are used by public school students in our country. In 2008, before I left the Philippines, the Department of Education hired me to construct test questions for secondary science for the National Achievement Test. It’s a nationwide test which is given to all secondary students both in public and private schools. In that same year, the state of Maryland employed me as a science teacher to teach at Prince Georges County Public Schools for 3 years. I moved to Arizona last 2011 and I taught MS science, and High School sciences at Leupp Schools Incorporated until 2015. The first time I joined LSI, the school sent us to the Navajo Nation Science Fair Competition and we garnered a grand champion award for all categories under my supervision. Last 2015, I moved to WRUSD as a Biology teacher up to present. This year I will be teaching MS Science.

    My Motto in Life is, as a teacher, I believe that we should have “ A Teaching Mind, A Touching Heart and A Transforming Lives”