• Ya'at'eeh, Hello My name is Loretta Begay. I am Nooda'í Dine'í Táchii'nii nishlí (Ute Clan), Tábaahí bashishchiin (Water Edge Clan), Tó'aheedlíinii dachicheii (Water flows together) and Ma'iideeshghiizhnii dashinálí (Coyote Pass). I am originally from Rock Point, Arizona. Currently residing here in Fort Defiance working with the Window Rock Unified District School. I'm a School Counselor here at Tsehootsooi Middle School. 

    Welcome to Tsehootsooi Middle School website, this is my first year here and I am excited to work with your children. I am here for all children to discuss their experiences with the pandemic we are living and the effects of what it has caused the families. 

    Counseling will be available for all students to help them cope with the changes that have come upon us this new school year.

    The question is; Why do kids need counseling? 1. Children learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationship with others. 2. Children who understand their feelings are better able to control their behavior. 3. We know that stress can affect focus and learning, but its impact can be reduced with proven self-regulation strategies. 4. Attitudes formed during Middle School shape future attitudes towards learning, self, and society.

    Counseling will take place through: 1. Individual  2. Group counseling 3. Support Groups with the SAP (Student Assistance Program) See link below to make an appointment. Thanks




    Phone: 928-729-6810

    Email: lbegay@wrschool.net

    Degrees and Certifications:

    MA in Education Leadership, Principal K-12 (MED)
    MA in Counseling-School Counseling
    MA in Bilingual/Multicultural Education
    BA in Elementary Education