Update and Expectations


  • Have a passing grade of 70% or higher. Special Education laws and policies will be followed.
  • Must have good attendance, at least 80% of the school year.



  • Students shall return the following documents signed by both student and parent/legal guardian. Parent-School Compact, Parent-Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form and the 8th Grade Promotion Requirement Agreement
  • No Handbook Discipline referrals involving ZERO TOLERANCE OFFENSES.
  • No behaviors that are determined, by the principal, to be detrimental to the education process of the students attending Tsehootsooi Middle School.
  • No Discipline referrals of any kind the month before promotion.
  • Owe NO school/sport equipment or have outstanding financial obligations due to the WRUSD #8/TMS (i.e., library books, lost textbooks, sports uniforms, etc.)



  • Students shall not engage in any behavior or action which is in any way detrimental to the dignity and decorum of the occasion or to the safety of others.
  • Promotion Dress Code: (No caps and gown)
    • Boys: slacks, dress shirt with collar.
    • Girls: slacks, blouse, dress.
    • Traditional dress is encouraged, but not required.
    • Do not wear anything that violates the WRUSD Dress Code Policy.