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  •               WRHS actively promotes PBIS

    (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports).

    We believe that integrating academic and social-emotional skills creates an environment where students can do their best learning.

    P            Prepared for success – positive, high expectations                       

    R            Respect for each other, our school and community

               Interact safely - be responsible for our actions  

    D            Dependable – do the best that we can

    E            Enthusiastic, engaged in learning

  • This approach complements the Diné traditional teachings as outlined below.

    Hózhó is a complex wellness philosophy and belief system comprised of principles that guide one's thoughts, actions, behaviors, and speech. The teachings of Hózhó are imbedded in the Hózhóójí Nanitiin (Diné traditional teachings) given to the Diné by the holy female deity Yoołgaii Asdzáá (White Shell Woman)-and the Diné holy people (sacred spiritual Navajo deities). Hózhó philosophy emphasizes that humans have the ability to be self-empowered through responsible thought, speech, and behavior. Likewise, Hózhó acknowledges that humans can self-destruct by thinking, speaking, and behaving irresponsibly. As such, the Hózhó philosophy offers key elements of the moral and behavioral conduct necessary for a long healthy life, placing an emphasis on the importance of maintaining relationships by “developing pride of one's body, mind, soul, spirit and honoring all life.”

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