Dine' Club of WRHS

  • Motto of Dine' Club:

    "Adaadaa', Diiji doo Yideeskaagoo: Hool'aagoo T'aa Dine"

    (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:  Forever Dine")

    Mission Statement:

    • To establish a good working club, work as one group, ensure the continued existence of our Dine' Language, Culture and Traditions.
    • To develop a working relationship with the administration, faculty, students and community, to the best of our ability in perpetuating and upholding our Dine' Language, Traditions and Culture.

    Goals and Activities:

    • To seek ways to continue the existence of the Dine' Language, culture and traditions for another 100 years by instituting and heading activities intended to preserve and strengthen our Dine' Language among our generation.
    • To participate and compete in Dine' Language events sponsored by other schools and organizatins to accomplish some of our goals.

    2017-18 Club Officers:

    • President:     Mikki Metteba
    • V-President:  Chantel Tsosie
    • Secretary:     LaShay Platero
    • SC Representative:   Zachary Yazzie, Jaren Wyaco

    Sponsor:  Lydia Fasthorse, Navajo Language Teacher