DECA Food Service
  • DECA Began in 1942 when students began to be interested in careers in Marketing. The original title is Distributive Education Clubs of America and began when companies saw that students lacked the skills necessary to get jobs after high school. Companies like JC Penney began to sponsor DECA and it eventually grew to hundreds of companies that saw the skills DECA gave students and also began to sponsor.
    DECA trains students to be prepared as leaders and decision makers within a company but also provides skills needed to own and operate a business. Also, the abilities to present and solve common business problems that students will face after high school as they get jobs. It teaches them to be the most professional and have skills needed to gain employment and prepare for college after high school. DECA does this by having students compete in business plan events where students present their own business ideas to a judge that determines which if any students have created a feasible.
    DECA also has students compete in a roleplay where the students are given real life situations that business people are confronted with every day. They must determine the best course for the company and defend their decision to a judge that determines if it will be a good idea or not. Most importantly DECA prepares students to lead and be able to make these decisions.
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  • In this class students will learn the best ways to communicate as well as promote and advertise. We focus on presenting skills as well as help students understand how to own and operate thier own business.

    Students also learn how the economy works and how it will affect them.

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