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Degrees and Certifications:

Graduated from Cebu State Normal University: *Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English *Master of Arts in Education *Diploma in Special Education *Master of Arts in Special Education, Major in Mental Retardation Master of Arts in Values Education - (University of Asia & Pacific) ARIZONA Department of Education Certificate: Standard Secondary Education ELA 6-12, Standard Cross Categorical Special Education K-12 Structured English Immersion, PreK-12



It is my pleasure to welcome the Class Cohort of 2026 and Class Cohort 2027  to a new school year at Window Rock High School. The English Language Arts-I & ELA-II curriculum will be rigorous and challenging during the school year of 2023-2024, offering our 9th Grade & 10th Grade students opportunities to learn and not only the chance to gain critical reading and writing skills, but also the chance to be creative, and express themselves in a meaningful and productive ways of working on a project based learning. Well-rounded study skills and a firm grasp of the English language are essential tools that all 9th & 10th grade students should possess.

As a Freshmen & Sophomore high school student, the responsibility for your grades falls squarely on your shoulders in making an effort to become actively engaged in the classroom, as thoughtful readers who are capable of critical thinking. It is my goal this year to make sure that all of my English I & English II students will gain an added appreciation for the written work, and will come to enjoy the variety of writings and perspectives that make up the Introduction to Literature, as well as the World Literature. To accomplish this goal, 9th Grade & 10th Grade students will examine the elements of literature, executing reading strategies to increase comprehension of informational texts, and literary genres (types of writing). The study of genres will include novels, plays, short stories, the media, and poetry. This course will not only include literary analysis, but it will also include historical perspectives on the literature, in order to give a well-formulated basis for the writing itself. Students will also acquire the habits of reading independently and closely, which are essential to their future success. And last but not the least, this course will incorporate a variety of voices from different cultures past and present, representing the multitude of cultures within the world's most diverse country. 

English I - II Common Goals:

- Read for a variety of purposes, including reading for personal experience, reading to gather information, and reading to perform a task.

- Research a topic of interest and conduct writing that meets the AZ Common Core State Standards.

- Listen with attention and understanding for a variety of purposes and in a variety of situations.

- Effectively apply the rules of Standard English in written expressions and oral work.

- Speak for a variety of purposes to a variety of audiences that include academic, family, work, and social settings.

 I expect a good deal from my 9th & 10th grade students, and I expect even more of myself. I trust that this new school year will be full of great opportunities for our Freshmen Class of 2027 and Sophomore Class of 2026 and the Window Rock High School family as a whole. GO Scouts!