• Fifth Grade Class Description

    The class type will be a fifth-grade self-contained classroom where all subjects will be taught (reading, writing, math, and science) in one classroom by one teacher with the help of the SPED teacher and paraprofessionals. Social studies will be integrated with other subjects. The students will be expected to perform well to meet or exceed the standards set by the Arizona Department of Education. Inquiry-based learning, process skills, and higher order thinking skills will be imbedded. Technology will also be incorporated.



    All students MUST attend school prepared every day and on time. Students will need to arrive before 8:01 a.m.; otherwise, your child will be marked TARDY.


    Grading (Formative Assessments)

    Grades will be calculated as an average of total points earned over points possible for each subject. Grades will be given for bell work, classwork, class participation/discussions, group projects, quizzes, tests, quarterly exams, and semester exams.

    A         100% - 90%

    B          89% - 80%

    C          79% - 70%

    D          69% - 60%

    F          59% or below


    Make-Up Work

    It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and make up assignments missed due to excused absences. Make-up homework is due a day after the student returns to class following an absence. Students are given extensions according to the number of days absent (i.e. 2 days for 2 days absent). All scheduled tests must be made up the day a student returns to class after an absence, or a zero will be given. If the assignment/test is not feasible, then the next option is the student must find and read one educational article and write a one-page summary of the article.



    I highly recommend your child to read a book for at least 20 minutes each day. It doesn’t have to be a book, it can be any reading material such as newspaper, a magazine, menus, junk mail, brochures, recipes, cook books. It is all it takes to build key reading skills. Also, if students lack a certain skill, I will require homework for extra practice. Nonetheless, I believe students should spend ample time with their families.