• To: Parents,

    I want to share some important 2023-24 testing information with you. The assessments given to our children are based on a review of the researched Arizona State Standards and college-and life readiness that identifies individualized student academic achievement and performance.

    The TILC counselor has been given the job of administering the Azella Test this school year, 2023-24. The students enrolled in the Azella testing program are identified as second language learners. The child placed in the ELL program will be determined by appropriate placement for instruction. The reassessment is given once a year until the student is proficient or passes the test.  Tsehootsoi Intermediate Learning Centers staff will ensure each student's success after each student moves into a mainstream classroom.

    There are three other standardized exams given to each of our students at TILC within each school year. The Read 180 and Math 180 are designed for classroom instruction and curriculum. However, the Math 180 and Read 180 tests are given 3x a year. We test at the beginning of the year (BOY), middle of the year (MOY), and end of the year (EOY). With the scores, we collect data to track each student's individual scores and within their cohort group.

    Even though Math 180 /Read 180 is mostly used as curriculum, it also closes the gaps in each student's learning so he or she can perform at grade level. This curriculum empowers teachers to customize lessons and personalize student learning. At TILC, we use the Arizona State Standards to meet each individual student’s level of learning.

    The NWEA Tests are held 3x a year. All Arizona schools are required to show student growth. NWEA allows our teachers at Tsehoottsoi Intermediate Learning Center to track student academic growth throughout a school year. The teaching staff and the counselor then report the test scores to our school administrators. NWEA tests are adaptive, across grade level, and are achievement focused. Our students experience a test that cognitively flexes with their learning. The NWEA exam provides challenging questions while emphasizing academic growth. The test allows our students to go above grade level. The scores we collect measure your child’s current knowledge level.

    We want our students to be able to meet national norms and state standards at grade level. Each year, national studies take place ensuring NWEA MAP growth. This assessment runs congruent with our Arizona State, Navajo Nation, and the Common Core academic standards to measure student achievement. Your child's academic ability is compared with students from all over the United States.

    TILC uses technology-based lessons which are data driven, allowing us to meet Arizona state standards. The students' ability to use technology in schools is also mandated by state standards . The Tsehootsoi Intermediate Learning Center at Window Rock Schools' learning objectives reflect the mission statement, vision, goals and state standards expectations.


    Victoria Begay, ATR, Counselor