• Bus Route for SY 24-25

    TILC Bus routes will be updated on the 1st day of school.


    Parents and/or Guardians, 

    TILC staff asks for your assistance to speak with your child/children's teacher regarding after-school pick-up or bus ride home for the 1st day and 1st week of school.  

    The first day of school can be both exciting and worrisome for our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students.  All we ask is your assistance with communication as we will afford you the same courtesy.   

    Helpful Tips and Questions to think about: 

    1. Does your child know if they are getting picked up after-school or riding the bus?
    2. Student Pick up - see information below. 
    3. When riding the bus - Does your child know the location of home, babysitter, grandparents, or parent's worksite?
    4. Does your child have a sibling attending TILC? This can be helpful when riding the same bus.
    5. Specifics are extremely helpful for the 1st day of school. 
    6. Communicate with your child's teacher, write a note or send an email regarding picking up or riding the bus. 
    7. It is recommended that parents and teachers share contact information.  


    Pick up Procedures: 

    *All students walk with their teacher and classmates through the east bus loading zone. 

    • Once bus riders have entered their bus, teachers will continue walking to the front of the school building for parents to pick up their child. 
    • Please note that the lines will be long on the 1st day and 1st week of school. 
    • Drive slowly through the pick-up zone as teachers will be escorting their students to the students' vehicle. 
    • Be ready, traffic will be backed up. 
    • Your patience and understanding is appreciated. 


    NOTIFICATION to Parents regarding bus riders: 

    > TILC Front Office, Parent Educator, and Teachers will communicate via School Messenger to parents if there is a change in bus routes. 

    >Typically, in our experience, the 1st day can be hectic, and bus routes are delayed due to the new bus routes and the number of students on the bus. 

    >Please know we will help to locate your child on a bus to ensure they are safe and, if needed, may have to be picked up at the Transportation Department.  


    *TILC Teachers, Staff, and Principal Will Do Our Best to Have Your Child/Children on the Bus and Arrive Safely Home.  It Is Important to Have Specific Information Available for TILC Teachers and Bus Drivers. 



    Front Office: 928.729.6815 or 6811

    Email:  contacttilc@wrschool.net 



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