Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lori Prince

I was born and raised in Montana  and have lived in St. Michaels, Arizona for 12 years.  I received My BA in K-8 education and my MA in Mathematics from WGU in Utah.  I am married and have 6 children, 20 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild on the way.

My hobbies include painting (pictures, not walls), quilting, needlework of all kinds, reading good books, and spending time with my family.



  • Mrs. Prince, L.


    Contact #: 928-729-6815

    My text number is available to the parents or guardians of my current students.

My teaching philosophy

  • I think that all children can learn if they want to.  I believe that most of us have the same needs- to be heard, to be needed, and to be loved- and fourth graders are no exception. My goal every year is to create a safe environment where my students are part of a community that fosters a love for learning and an excitement about their future prospects.  My youngest son told me one time that it was a school teacher who helped him to see hope in the future during a time when he was struggling with the pressures of being a teenager.  I will always be grateful to that teacher, and I will always remember that I have an impact on my students' lives- and I want it to be for the good.

    I understand that assessments exist so that I can determine where my students' understanding is, not solely for a grade in my gradebook.  I believe in constant formative assessments so that I can differentiate, reteach, and think of alternative ways to explain things.  We all learn in different ways and I try to deliver instruction in small chunks with plenty of opportunity for practice inside the classroom; kinesthetically.

    I believe that learning can and should be fun.  I create learning games that have academic and social purposes and allow opportunities for students to be out of their chairs. When I make a mistake, I acknowledge it, reflect on it, and when necessary apologise for it.  I let my students know that it is acceptable for them to point out errors.  I cannot expect them to be teachable if I don't set the example.

    I believe that reading is the foundation for every subject, and necessary for future success.