Unit 5 Test



12/5/22- Unit 5 Test

Your unit test is taken from the textbook, pp. 457-458, and is worth 23 points.  It does cover chapters 12-14, pp. 342-429 (Chapter 15 isn’t reflected in the test).

Answer questions:

-5.1 thru 5.8 (multiple choice and 8 points), do not write out the entire questions.  Just need the number and answer.

-5.9 (Short answer question, 6 points)

-choose 5.10 OR 5.11 (Long Essay Question 9 points).  You do not have to write out the questions but do make sure you have all aspects of your questions answered.  This goes for 5.9 as well.  DUE MONDAY, DEC, 12, 2022.