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  • Conrada Barbarona

    Welcome Back to Window Rock High School for the School Year 2022-2023.

         My name is CONRADA P. BARBARONA. I am your Geometry teacher during this school year.

    This year is my 7th year in the District teaching Geometry. I am excited to see and teach you in person  for this year .

    Studying Geometry provides many foundational skills and helps to build the thinking skills of logic, deductive reasoning,

    analytical reasoning, and problem-solving.

       For my teaching work experience , this year is 46th year in helping students to learn Mathematics.

    My goal in the profession is to motivate students to appreciate and learn the beauty of Mathematics in your daily lives.

       If you need my help , I can be reached with my email : cbarbarona@wrschool.net or call me @ 928-729-7048.


    Thank you very & Stay Safe Always!!!



  • Announcements:

     To All Geometry Students:

    Part 1:      All Geometry students are required to have the following requirements to pass the subjects:

    a. Interactive Notebook ( Notes Everyday will be checked)

    b. Ruler

    c. Protractor

    d. Compass

    e.  Eraser

    f. Colored Pens/Pencils

    Part 2: Afterschool Tutoring

              You can enroll in the Math afterschool tutoring to the following Math Teachers:

             ( Ms. MJ Joson & <s. A. Amihan)

    Part 3: If you need extra help, you can schedule a one-on-one tutoring afterschool with me

          from Monday - Thursday . By appointment only .


    g. Paste

    h. Lined Papers

    i. Daily Attendance




        You can contact me using thsi email add: cbarbarona@wrschool.net

                     or Call me with the extention # 7048 ( Room B-21)


    Thank you very much & Stay SAFE!


    ( Room B-21 Extension # 7048)