Chief Manuelito
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    Ms. Fasthorse

    (928) 729-7034

    Y Á ' Á T ' É É H

    Shí éí Diné Bizaad Bóhoo’aah, Navajo Language I, Navajo Language II dóó  Navajo Language III bína’nishtin.  Ms. Fasthorse éí yinishyé.  Oozéí Táchii’nii nishlí dóó Áshiihí éí báshíshchíín.  Tl‘ízílání éí dashicheii dóó Bit’ahnii éí dashinálí. I am Ms. Fasthorse and I teach Navajo as a second language here at Window Rock High School. Welcome to my webpage.

    Introduction from Arizona's World and Native Languages Standards Dept: 

    The World and Natie Languages Standards describe what students should know and be able to do as they study and learn to communicate in languages other than English. By engaging in learning a world language, students build 21st century literacy skills. Reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing are integral to the language learning process. When students learn a second language they build proficiency in three modes of communication: interpersonal (person-to-person speaking or writing), interpretive (listening and reading), and presentational (one-way speaking and writing). Students learn to maneuver the structures, functions, and patterns of language. They learn to ask and answer questions, identify words, describe, retell stories, interpret text, and apply the conventions of language within the constructs of a particular culture.