• Week 18: November 28th-December 2nd

    11/28/22, Monday: Complete Quick Activity: The Middle Passage p. 403 in your Active Journal. Write a letter to a member of Parliament asking them to end the slave trade and slavery itself.  OR Complete R.A.C.E.S writing assignment for "How did enslaved Africans try to preserve their culture?" 

    11/29/22, Tuesday: Take Lesson 7 "The Atlantic Slave Trade" Quiz. Assigned on Savvas. Work with your group to answer writing prompt: Describe the hardships and indignities faced by Africans from the time of being captured and transported to the Americas to their lives as enslaved laborers in the Americas. Use textual evidence as well as information from the online museum exhibit. 

    11/30/22, Wednesday: Topic 16 Global Convergence Test Review. Complete flash cards interactive assignment. Assigned on Savvas. Complete unit review questions p. 723 #'s 1-4, 7 & 8 in your textbook.

    12/1-2/22, Thursday & Friday: Take Topic Test assigned on Savvas. 

    Week 17: November 21st-25th

    Thanksgiving Break--No School

  • Week 16: November 14th-18th

    11/14/22, Monday: Complete group 3-2-1 graphic organizer for "An Atlantic Trade Network" reading p. 718-719. Present work to the class. TED-ed video

    11/15/22, Tuesday: Read p. 719-720 "What Was Life Like Under Slavery?" and complete two-column notes identifying the text's key ideas and details. Online version of ebook is available, click here: Lesson 7: Atlantic Slave Trade. 

    11/16/22, Wednesday: Answer comprehension check questions. 1) Why do you think enslaved Africans were given new names? 2) How did women try to make life better under slavery? 3) After reading 5 Things to Know About Queen Nzinga, what evidence shows that she was clever? Vocabulary Practice: Complete p. 402 in your Active Journal.   

    11/17/22, Thursday: Explore Slavery and Freedom online exhibit. Complete a 3-2-1 graphic organizer [3 facts/information you discovered, 2 interesting connections, and 1 question you have] for the online exhibit.  

    11/18/22, Friday: Complete Quick Activity: The Middle Passage p. 403 in your Active Journal. Write a letter to a member of Parliament asking them to end the slave trade and slavery itself.  OR Complete R.A.C.E.S writing assignment for "How did enslaved Africans try to preserve their culture?"

  • Week 15: November 7th-10th

    11/7/22, Monday: Continue Atlantic Slave Trade. Watch the video: Causes of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Discuss social, economic, and political events leading to the AST. Students add to their K-W-L chart. Take notes assignment available in Active Journal on p. 401. Online version is available, click here: Take Notes Assignment. Login to Savvas--check to make sure all student accounts are working.

    11/8/22, Tuesday: Work in small groups to complete the Triangular Trade Routes Interactive Map in Savvas. Small group questions include: How did the existence of missions impact the slave trade?; What was true of both Quito, Ecudar, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic?; Why did Brazil become a leading sugar producer?; Why were the sugar plantations in all the colonies so similar? Answer R.A.C.E.S.writing prompt question: How did the transatlantic slave trade begin?

    11/9/22, Wednesday: Read and annotate p. 718-719 for key ideas and details. Complete Frayer model for new vocabulary terms: Middle Passage, mutinies, and perilous. Online version of ebook is available, click here: Lesson 7: Atlantic Slave Trade. Answer comprehension questions. 1) How did the arrival of Europeans in Africa change the existing slave trade?  2) What difficulties did captured Africans endure even before being put aboard slave ships? and 3) Why do you think slave traders did not try to keep families together?

    11/10/22, Thursday: Complete group 3-2-1 graphic organizer for "An Atlantic Trade Network" reading p. 718-719. Present work to the class. 

    11/11/22, Friday: No school, Veteran's Day. Be well and stay safe. 

  • Week 14: October 31st-November 4th

    Topic: The Atlantic Slave Trade

    Monday, 10/31: Explain the causes and effects of colonization through a visual cause and effect concept map. For example, list the effects of exploration, including economic practices of the home nations on their colonies. 

    Tuesday, 11/1: Continue with the concept map. Complete K-W-L graphic organizer for the Atlantic Slave Trade. What do you know about the Atlantic Slave Trade? What do you want to learn? 

    Wednesday, 11/2: Establish group norms for the unit's small group work and explain group roles--facilitator, recorder, reporter, materials manger, checker, and timer keeper. Login to Savvas Realize. Contact Ms. Allison for your username and password.

    Thursday, 11/3: Read and annotate pages 715-717 in your World History textbook for key ideas and details. Complete Frayer model for "triangular trade".

    Friday, 11/4. Complete R.A.C.E.S. writing assignment for: How did the transatlantic slave trade begin?

  • Week 13: October 24th-28th

    Students are expected to read Ms. Allison's course syllabus and answer comprehension questions.

    1. Identify and explain Ms. Allison's classroom rules.
    2. What do you think is the most important class expectation? Why?
    3. What does "Active Learning" mean?
    4. What are two required materials?
    5. How does the CLEAN policy help students?

    Also, students are expected to complete reading and writing assignments  on bullying.

  • Week 12: October 17th-21st

    Learning Objectives:

    1. I will brainstorm and write an outline for a writing prompt.
    2. I will gather evidence from my DBQ Part 1 answers and add it to my outline.
    3. I will write a rough draft and have a partner evaluate it using the essay rubric.
    4. I will submit my formal essay.



    Directions: (All work must go in your interactive notebook)

    1. Read the writing prompt in the DBQ packet.
    2. Read and analyze the essay rubric.
    3. Answer: What must you do to earn a proficient score?
    4. Ask Ms. Allison any clarifying questions.
    5. Write an essay outline including your thesis statement.
    6. Examine Documents 1-6 to determine which document supports your thesis statement.
    7. Add the evidence to your outline.
    8. Brainstorm a concluding statement.
    9. Take your outline and write a rough draft.
    10. Ask a friend or family member to review your draft and evaluate it using the rubric.
    11. Making any necessary revisions and edits.
    12. Submit your work.


    *Ms. Allison understands that it is very difficult to independently write a formal essay. Please reach out with questions and do your best to attend class.

    Due date: Friday, Oct. 21st


    Ms. Allison’s contact information

    Phone number: 928-729-6897 (available after 4 pm until 4:45 pm)

    Email: sallison@wrschool.net


    Reminder: If you are absent for two or more days it is highly recommended to attend afterschool tutoring.

  • October 11th-14th

    This week students will work on a document-based question assignment.

    Objective: I will analyze (carefully examine) documents to understand the impact of European exploration and conquest on the Americas.  

    W11 DBQ assignment


    • Click on the Week 11 link to download the assignment.
    • Answer each question in complete sentences, citing relevant textual evidence.