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    Ms. Alferda Malone is the new 7th & 8th grade English Language Arts Teacher.  She grew up in the community of Fort Defiance, AZ and has been working in Education since 2006. Ms. Malone's first job was with WRUDS#8 in 2006, as an ESS Teacher at the Primary Learning Center; she began working as a Paraprofessional in the ESS department for the next 6 years.  Ms. Malone has also at a few other school districts in the states of Arizona and New Mexico as well as in the intercity school in Peoria, AZ.  Ms. Malone has enjoyed teaching students on and off the Navajo Reservation. 

    Ms. Malone's qualifications include a bachelors degree in Elementary Education from American Indian College in Phoenix, AZ. 

    She loves spending time with her family and childhood friends. Ms. Malone also enjoys baking & cooking, and watching movies.

    Thank you for the opportunity to teach here at TMS!

    Contact Information:

    email: amalone@wrschool.net  & amalonetms@gmail.com

    Phone: 928.729.6811 ext:6898