6th Grade Classroom
  • Tim Arviso
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    Dwayne Chase
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    Lori Prince
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    Brenda Shirley
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    Valerie Singer
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Attendance Check In

  • If you student is unable to log in for that day's ZOOM class, please go to the TILC web page and click on the DAILY ATTENDANCE link (listed under QUick Links) to fill out an attendance form.

    Thank you,

    TILC 6th Grade Team

Student Expectations

ZOOM Meeting rules

  • In an abundance of caution and to protect students and teachers,

    in the event of a zoom meeting interruption that disconnects the teacher as host, 

    the students in the class should do the following:

    1. Immediately click "leave" and remove themselves from the meeting
    2. Log back in and wait in the waiting room until the teacher admits you back into the meeting
    3. If the zoom meeting doesn't start within 10 minutes, continue working on your assignments on savvasrealize.com or assigned projects from class.


    The 6th Grade Team


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