• April 22, 2024

    In this assignment, you will be accessing a topographic map and a google map simultaneously to explore and answer questions about the Continental Divide - you might have seen Arizona's Continental Divide as you drive towards Albuquerque.

    Introduction to Isolation Peak area in Colorado

    Isolation Peak Questions to Answer


    April 18, 2024

    This assignment asks you to gain information from maps. Please pull up the following WORD doc on your laptop - it has all the information that you need. Save it to your folder on the desktop so you can type your answers on the document. Make sure you are using the same laptop each time.

    Mystery Map


    April 15

    Background research needed for trip to NAU this week on water sampling - please pull up the following document.

    Uranium Problem - Background Information



    Please watch the following video and recopy the notes into your notebook.

    Topographic Map Skills

    Notes on Topographic Map Skills


    APRIL 9

    Please create your own notes from the information page below. For each type of mapping done, state how it is done, when it is used and when you cannot use it.

    How do scientists map our Earth?


    APRIL 5

    Click on the following file:

    AZ 2004 Data Realization

    Match the data realization with the description that fits - please also explain why you chose each description.

    Next, explore the links on the bottom right side.

    For the Temperature Radial Visualizations, please look at San Francisco on the West coast, New York City on the East coast and Chicago on Lake Michigan. Compare these cities. Do they follow the same pattern of deviation from normal temperatures - more purples and blues in earlier years, mixed oranges and blues in recent years?

    Now look at Grand Junction, Colorado. This is a different pattern. Scientists would study this area to try to isolate conditions that might have contributed to this pattern of temperature changes.

    For the Climate Stripes for US States and Counties, look at three states; Arizona, Oregon and North Carolina. Describe what the climate stripes are showing us in each case.