• Geometry Semester 2 Project


    1. This Geometry Semester 2 project is for Extra Credit. Just Click the Link above.

    2. If you want to get good Semester 2 Grades in Geometry , you must do this.

    3. The item per question has its own equivalent points for Grading.

    4. You must follow every step to get the accurate Points.

    5. Complete this Project on or before May 19,2022 for Final Grading.

    6. Please send to me the completed Project using email:cbarbarona@wrschool.net


    Thank you very much! Enjoy working with the project!

    Stay Safe!

    Ms. Conrada P. Barbarona

    Geometry Teacher

  • Geometry Project Quarter 2 EXTRA Credit

    To All Geometry Students that need an EXTRA Credit, You must the Geometry Project-Based Activity about Traingles.

    1. The Parallax Problem 120 Points


    Project # 1. 

    1. Any Geoemtry student can DO this project.

    2. Read Carefully the Question asked in each item then answer it based on what you learned in Geometry.

    3. If a question needs a Mathematical Formula, you must show the Formula and its corressponding solution to answer the problem on the space provided.

    4. Each question has its own equivalent points as required.

    5. The Performance Tasks : The Parallax  Problem  is composed of 9 Parts:

        Part 1: Which race?

        Part 2:Whcih Category?

        Part 3: The Olymppic Triangle

        Part 4: Last year's Winner

        Part 5. The Map

        Part 6:Solving the Problem

        Part 7: Calculate the Distances

        Part 8: Calculate the winner's speed

        Part 9: Write a Proposal

    6. The Project due date will be December 16,2020

    Project # 2.

         Title: The Dream House Design