• White Wolf : The important role of Native American women (Video)

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  • August 6-7, 2020


    Hello Parents and Guardians,

    What an amazing year we've had so far. I hope you are well and healthy. Health seems such an important topic now.


    I filmed an introduction, but I have to link it in. I hope this works.




    Please view it, so you can attach a face with my name. 


    For the first week, I have easy assignment.

    In the video I emphasize the importance of establishing a gmail account. If you make sure your son or daughter includes the first and last name in the gmail, I will recognize the name. If I can beg you to do the same, I can maintain better contact with you, as well.


    Thank you for entrusting us to teach your child(ren). It' s an honor to teach.


    I'll make my first letter short because this first week will be a busy one.


    Thank you.

    Ms. Begody

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  • https://flipgrid.com/06653544


    Thank you for viewing my focus on bus routes and encouraging your students.


    If I can get your bus route information, then I can better organize the packets for home. 


    To respond, email me your student's name, course, and bus route. It should look like this if I were a student:

    Ms. Evelyn Begody


    Bus Route 3: Sawmill


    I made up this route just as an example. I don't know if Route 3 is Sawmill.


    If I can get that for you, I can have a better idea of my students. Thank you for taking the time to email me. You can email me or your student can.


    In the subject line, write the first and last name of the student, course, and bus route.


    Lastly, a few about encouragement: The more you find ways to praise your student about school, the more he or she will value your interests. Also speaking about academics positively will attach positive feelings about it. However, if you attach criticism to academics, then the student may connect negativity with it. When I first arrived to Window Rock High School, I sat in utter horror as older and more experienced colleagues wanted to assign an essay to students who were truant. I didn't see how this would motivate those same students to write much less craft an essay. 


    Let's try attributing a positive perspective on educations for our children. We have only brief time with our children because time has a way of changing everything and everyone.


    It's my hope that students will perform better in their academics.


    I appreciate you reading this entry.


    Teachers can't teach well without parental support. 


    My best efforts to you,

    Ms. Begody


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  • How does my student get their class packets?

    Posted by:

    Notify the WRHS that you will need packets for particular class and know your teachers' names. English II is taught by two English teachers, so the content differs a bit. 

    Some numbers abd names you can call are:

    Rose Lynch  928-709-7002

    Alberta Cowboy  928-7297006

    Fran Yazzie   928-729-7005

    Marita Nez 928-729-7040

    Cynthia Smiliey  928-729-7011


    You must have a mask. All the occupants of the vehicle must wear masks.


    Call to inform you need packets. Pull up and call again to let them know yo're here topick up packets for particular classes.

    Always thank whoever helps you.

    I hope this helps.


    Ms. Begody

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