picture of the Navajo Nation flag
  • Welcome TILC Parents!

    Y1’1t’44h! Welcome to our school year 2023-2024!

    Sh7 47 Mrs. Billy yinishy4. T0d7ch’7i’nii nish[7igo, Tsi’naajinii bash7shch77n, Ta’neeszahnii dashicheii doo Tsi’naajinii dashin1li. I am Bitter Water, born for Black Streak Wood, maternal grandfather is Tangle and paternal grandfather is Black Streak Wood. !k0t’4ego Din4 asdz33ni nish[7.

    As your child’s 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Navajo Culture & Language Teacher, I will teach using my best skills, knowledge, and language to master your child’s Din4 academic skills and become successful. I strongly believe communicating and working together is a progress of our school year. I encourage you to stay connected with our school as the school year progresses.